Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Scott and I spent this past weekend in Vegas to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We had SO MUCH fun! We walked up and down the strip, went into every casino, ate entirely TOO much food, but the best part of our trip was seeing Cirque Du Soleil!!! It was the most AMAZING show EVER! If you ever have a chance to see it I would strongly suggest it. We purchased tickets at the last minute, the morning of the show, as a anniversary present to each other and it was the best spur of the moment decision.

Here are a few highlights:

1) Statue of Liberty in front of New York New York.

2) Regretfully we did not take a picture of how this looks all lit up at night. Gorgeous!

3) Our gondolier. He was extremely funny and encouraged us to smooch often. Which we TOTALLY did...much to the dismay of some little boy that we happened to share the ride with.

4) Outside photo of the Venetian.

5) Indoor fountain garden at the Bellagio.

6) The Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

7) Excalibur at night.


  1. THAT LOOKS LIKE SO MUCH FUN!!!! I LOVE the new Blog LOOK!!!!! AND THE SONGS! DON'T STOP BELIEVIN IS MY MOST FAVORITE SONG EVER!!!! It is my ringtone for my cell!!!! JOURNEY RULES!!!! Thanks for letting me get that out of my system...

  2. Yay! Happy Anniversary! How fun for you and hubby! DH and I have gone there a lot - he travels for work so I always tag along and I have to agree!!! Cirque du Soleil is amazing... which did you see? We saw Love and I listen to the soundtrack once if not 2x's a day! "Smooch" - how cute! Congrats on another year.

  3. Beautiful pics and I'm so glad you had such a good time! Great pics of Vegas! I love to visit. It's just so much fun!