Monday, August 25, 2008


Why am I a little melancholy? Well check out this picture........
What's wrong with this picture you may ask? Well it is Brittany on her first day of college. ACKKK! She is not old enough to go to college is she? She is still a baby isn't she? Don't I still make her sandwiches cut into little triangles? When did I suddenly get all of these grey hairs? Yes, I am in denial, there is no way my baby girl can be starting college, but alas she is, and I am just a little blue.
So here is a photo I quickly snapped of her before she walked out the door. I called Scott at work to tell him (as I was watching her pull away from the house) that our daughter was just leaving for her first day of college. Of course I had to leave him a message and thus was not able to talk to him for the pick me up I knew he would be able to provide me. He does however call me back and tell me that he almost starting tearing up when he heard my message. So if he is having trouble keeping it together how am I supposed to keep from being a basket case today? Geez....MEN!!
I am calmed in knowing that she is a very intelligent young woman, with a good head on her shoulders and a very bright future in front of her and that we have done everything we could do possible to enrich her life and help her become the strong independent woman she is, including putting on a brave face as she faced her first day of college today. Still, if anybody out there has a way to reverse her ageing process and make her little me, I'm all ears!!!


  1. I am tearing up a bit too! I feel like it was just yesterday I was putting my oldest in Preschool and now he is in JR HIGH!!!! I don't know what will become of me when, heaven forbid, he thinks of leaving and going away to school.... I think you are handling this very well and you have raised an AWESOME young woman!


  2. I agree with Jenny. They all grow up way too fast. It's so sad to see the young years slip away, but you're entering into a different, totally amazing time with her. Your relationship will grow and evolve and you're going to get to know her as a young woman instead of a young girl. What an amazing time you're going to have. Big hugs to you. And don't be afraid to shed a few tears. I look at it as getting rid of water weight! :) HUGS!!!