Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Have you ever struggled with a card or a LO? I mean REALLY struggled? Spent way too much time on it, made way too much of a mess creating it, changed your mind about different elements of it many times, and still not happy with it when it's completed? This card was a challenge for me.

This card is SO out of my comfort zone. I don't make many manly cards or even serious cards. I make cutesy and fun cards. I needed to make a man's birthday card for someone I really don't know well and have only met a few times. I found this idea in a Papercrafts magazine and scrapjacked it. I loved the card in the magazine but am not thrilled with my version of it. The biggest challenge I think was coloring the car. I must have colored the silly thing 4 or 5 times and still hate it. I thought throwing a bunch of Glossy Accents on it would make the coloring look better. Hmm, don't think it worked. Copics didn't give me the weathered/older look I wanted, my Prisma's failed me miserably so I ended up using chalk. Well chalk and Glossy Accents.

Next year, the recipient is getting a card made with a Greeting Farm Anya. ;o)


  1. Deborah - I think this card is cute! It turned out great!

  2. You definitely don't give yourself enough credit. I agree, it's not your style but it still looks good! I especially like the outdoor photo!

  3. Oh, Deborah...I like your card alot! The sketch is awesome an dyour card looks good from here...I like the aged look you achieved on the car's body.

  4. The card is fab, loving the vintage feel.

  5. Awww, you're being too hard on yourself, I think its wonderful. It's a great card for a man. But I do know what you mean about just not liking it after hours and HOUR of work!!

  6. Very recognizable story :). Hate it when that happens when you start with a simple idea and end up with a table full of stuff and still not what you had in mind. I do think your card worked out well though. It is a real manly card and I think the sentiment is fabulous with the car, I'm sure the recipient will appreciate this much more then a card with Anya on it. Maybe Ian ;).