Monday, October 13, 2008


This past Saturday I had the privilege of hosting for the third time, a Swarm. What is a Swarm you may ask? It is a gathering of people that are addicted to the Cricut and there are a lot of us that are addicted. We held our event at a LSS that could hold 40 of us. There were 40 of the most fantastic, talented and sweetest ladies there. I want to thank all of the ladies that made the day a absolute blast! I also want to thank everyone that contributed to the day by donating snacks, goodie bag items and door prizes. I appreciate you all more than you can imagine. I also want to thank my dear sweet hubby who not only helped me set up and then came back after the event to clean up, but he watched our 4 year old niece for the day so my SIL could come to the Swarm. He is a definite keeper and I am very aware of the fact that I am spoiled. Here are just a few of the many pics that were taken that day.

This is my sweet daughter Brittany. This was her first time at a Swarm. She was also a very big help that day.
Here is our group photo. What a great bunch of ladies pictured here!!!
The Nuzum gals: me, Caitlin and Brittany.
Jenny's cupcake pops. OMG - they were so yummy. I believe she has a link to the directions on her blog to the right. They were such a hit!
Aren't these just the most adorable cookies you have ever seen? Rachel made 40 of these cuties so that each person at the Swarm would have one. They were absolutely AMAZING!! They also tasted just as good as they looked!!!
Here is a photo of Caitlin. This was her second Swarm. She had a lot of fun and was such a big help. BTW, Peggy if you are reading this...Caitlin just adored you!!


  1. It looks like you had such a fun time, I went to my first swarm recently, can't wait for the next one :) - those cookies, I am in awe of anybody who can make something as stunning as that.

  2. YEAH FOR THE SWARM!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!! We always have a wonderful time because of all of the prep work that you put into making it a wonderful day for all!!!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!!!


  3. Yay Deborah! I had a great time and can't thank you enough. (I'm already itching for another.) You did a wonderful job hosting, it showed in every little detail - above and beyond as usual! Thank you, Thank you!