Monday, April 6, 2009


For my birthday this year Scott and the girls took me to Disneyland. It was the most AWESOME birthday ever!! We had so much fun!! The weather was perfect, the crowds were minimal and we had so much fun together as a family. We have all been so busy with our different schedules and activities that we really needed this time together. It was absolutely the best!!

Here is Brittany and I on Thunder Mountain. We rode this ride at least 3 times. Brittany and Caitlin getting ready to take off on the Peter Pan ride. I love this ride, it is just so magical.
The girls with the mouse ears we purchased for them. They are just the cutest in them!!
Here is Caitlin trading pins with a cast member. We are all really into collecting and trading the Disney pins. It's kind of like treasure hunting, trying to find your favorite character or a series of "cast member only" pins that have a hidden Mickey on them.

Brittany and Caitlin on Thunder Mountain. I LOVE these pics, even though I was really worried that Scott might drop the camera trying to get these for me.

It's a Small World as the characters are making a appearance from the clock.

Brittany and I getting ready to ride the Matterhorn. One of our favorite rides!!

This is my all time favorite picture. It's of Scott and Caitlin getting ready to ride the Matterhorn. I can't believe how much she looks just like her dad. She even has the same GORGEOUS smile!!

Here we are in line for the Matterhorn, one of our last rides before heading home. What a wonderful trip!!!


  1. Looks like a fun trip. Happy Birthday!

  2. How fun! Happy belated Birthday!

  3. Glad you had a great birthday!! How awesome of Scott and the girls to take ya to the greatest amusement park in the world! Looks like you had a wonderful time and I'm sure you'll have fun getting all your LOs done for your new pics! Happy Belated Birthday!!