Thursday, September 10, 2009


Mary over at kreateskards posted a challenge yesterday challenging everyone to use an item they haven't used before. You know we are all guilty of it.....buying items that we just HAD to have and those must have items have been sitting and sitting and sitting....unused.

Case in point, I purchased the below House Mouse stamp back in March of this year and have not used it prior to today. My argument?? It was on sale....I got it for only $3.....I just had to buy it right?!? Okay Mary, I took your challenge and finally put ink to this stamp. I haven't finished the inside yet but I think I will put something like..."Hope your birthday is a GOUDA one." LOL. Sometimes I just crack myself up.

So my question for everyone else is..."what are you guilty of buying that is still unused and what was your reason for having to have it?"


  1. Congratulations, your card is a HUGE success. I think it is well done and the sentiment is going to be perfect!!! Thank you for taking the challenge and posting your result. I'm off to go update my blog with my contribution too.

  2. How did I miss this one?
    It's so cute...I's a GOUDA one!!!