Monday, September 7, 2009


As stated in my previous blog post, one of my daycare babes, Miss Josie, started kindergarten last month. I hear she absolutely loves it and I am sure she has made a ton of new friends!! This is a thank you card I made for her after receiving the most adorable card (wait til' you see the envelope she decorated for's too cute!!) and present from her last week.

This is my first attempt at the shaker box/treat cup type of card. I think it turned out "okay" but I am not entirely too happy with it. As you can see the confetti I used for the inside keeps clinging to the sides of the plastic where I glued it down. I definitely need to play with this type of card some more. The stamped image is from the Greeting Farm and is called Princess Anya. For the plastic cup I re-purposed the plastic covering of the red tacky tape container.

This is what prompted the creation of the thank you card. Here is my present from Josie. It's more Greeting Farm stamps. That girl sure knows what I like. Here is the adorable envelope she made to hold the present and card. All of the daycare babes call me "Bebba" as Deborah is too hard for them to say when they start talking.........

.......and here is the inside of the card. Look how great her printing is already. She is way too smart for kindergarten!! Thanks again Josie and as always.....YOU ROCK!!!


  1. What a sweet card and a thoughtful present! I love your shaker card, it looks great

  2. I think your card looks great, and I don't think it matters that a little of the confetti sticks around the edges -- it kind of "frames" the image!

    I love the card from your little daycare friend!

  3. What a precious card from Josie!

    I really like how your shaker box card turned out...and I love how you photographed it, too.

  4. Oh my goodness... how cute is her card!? Adorable! And what an awesome gift... great job Casey. And I love that your card has the confetti around the princess it creates a very whimsical feel. Love it - as usual.

  5. What a great card, and I love reading about your daycare kids, you obviously have a lot of love to share, and it shows. I bet they adore you!
    En xx