Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I got the idea for this LO from a magazine several years ago, I don't remember which magazine as I tore out the page and kept it until I was ready to use it and threw out the rest of the magazine. The LO I scrapjacked was much more detailed with paper-pieced balls and stitching. Since I am still scrapbooking photos from like a gazillion years ago and take 300+ photos on a simple day trip I thought quick and simple would be better. So I raided my sticker stash and found these Stickopotamus baseball stickers. I used my Stamped Cricut cartridge to cut out the title. Quick and simple.


  1. I think quick is good and I can't imagine the paperpieced baseballs looking better than yours! Fantastic layout, love it!

  2. Might be quick and simple, but it's fabulous!! I love your layouts, Carol! You are an inspiration. Every time I visit you, I want to leave and create some pages. If only I had the time. *sigh* Thanks for sharing your fabulous designs!