Thursday, July 15, 2010


We took a day trip to Bodega Bay a few years ago and brought our niece, Alyssa with us. She is so stinking adorable and loved spending the day at the beach.
The title was cut using the Base Camp Cricut cartridge and the rest of the details on the LO were made by tearing the cardstock into the shapes I needed.
The cutest story about the sand dollar pictured in this LO: our girls and Alyssa were combing the beach for sea shells with no success. There was a older couple walking along the beach that called to Alyssa and our youngest daughter, Caitlin and asked them if they noticed this item in the sand. There were two sand dollars right there in a area that they had just inspected, one for each girl. Both girls were very excited to find sand dollars in such great condition and they were huge!! Scott then confided in me that he had seen the couple drop them for the girls to find. That couple whoever they were, sure made those girls' day special with their found treasure!


  1. Your pictures are awesome! Beautiful layout, the colors are perfect for the beachy feel!