Monday, March 9, 2009


I know this card is not much and pretty simple (I struggle with making cards for men) but I have been wanting to try a pinwheel ever since I saw a few of them in various card magazines. It turned out okay, but like I said simple and not much to brag about. I'm thinking that someone out there needs to publish a "man card magazine", something titled along the lines of "REAL MEN LIKE SPARKLES AND BLING AND HOMEMADE ANYTHING....OH, AND BELLAS TOO!". (wink wink) I know I would definitely be in line buying it.


  1. LOL!!! Me too Deb!!! I'd be in line right behind you! This is really cute. And simple is great, especially for a guy card! I love it! hugs!

  2. That is a fantastic card! Love it!

  3. This is great Deb, and I think your idea for a men's cards magazine is fantastic, I think it's amazing that there is so little published for men, and if they don't golf, fish, follow football..............what on earth do you do?!!
    Enfys x