Sunday, May 8, 2011


How cool is this? This is what I received from my girls for Mother's Day. It is the greatest and most thoughtful gift ever! They took all of my card creations from here on my blog and had them put into a book. I LOVE it.

Here is the front cover:

The inside message:
Yep, it even has a table of right?

Some of the pages:

It covers my blog from the beginning card, May 1, 2008.

It has over 70 pages.

The back cover and one of my favorite cards:

I am off now to glance through my book...LOL. I hope everyone had a happy Mother's Day!!


  1. What a GREAT gift. How thoughtful of your girls. I love it!
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. this is so cool! what a wonderful gift and your girls are so sweet to do this!! thanks for sharing!

  3. wow...great gift.. This is great idea. your mom definitely love this gift so much. What a precious gift is this... Thanks for this great post. Happy mothers day,...

  4. This is such a sweet and thoughtful gift.. your daughters are awesome!! I would have cried. :)
    Hope you had a fabulous Mother's Day!!

  5. It's really a great gift! Your girls are amazing!

  6. I thought I posted here too but it mustve just been FB..but wanted to say how cute this was and how clever your girls were to come up with this! It's priceless and something I know you'll never forget!!! How sweet of them!

  7. Oh My Gosh! What a wonderful Mother's Day gift they made. So original and what an encouragement for you.