Sunday, May 10, 2009


This year Scott's New Year's resolution was that he wanted to start training to run a marathon in December. So since January 1st he has been in training and he decided to run a small race a few weeks ago in Rocklin. The girls and I are so proud of him. He put his mind forth to do something and has not given up. His race number may have been #483 but to the girls and I, he is #1!! Here he is with Brittany and Caitlin before lining up at the starting line.
Here he is at the start line waiting to begin.

Scott approaching the finish line.

Scott with the girls shortly after his race. Brittany was SO proud of her Dad that she was practically moved to tears as he was crossing the finish.


  1. Now that's a great role model... way to go Dad! You and the girls' support must have meant so much to him... a true proud moment for all of you.