Wednesday, May 13, 2009


NorCal Swarm #4 took place this past Saturday. Monique and her crew did a fantastic job of putting this event on!!! There were door prizes galore, the goodie bags were awesome and I had a great time with my table mates. I want to extend a HUGE "thank you" to Marci who took time out from her day and her own projects to give Shannon and I a lesson on Copic Markers. Now I am hooked!!

Here is a pic of my table mates and I. Casey is on the right and Shannon on the left. They are both great ladies and I had a blast chatting with them.


  1. I just have to tell you that we worked hard to follow in your footsteps. You were a hard act to follow. It took 6 of us to do what you did.

    HUGS-Thanks for starting the success

  2. I had fun with you and Casey too. Thanks for sharing a table with me. This was a truly awesome event.

    I'm just a blog stalker tonight... can't help myself you've posted so many fun things over the past couple of days.

    I'll be by tomorrow with your goodies! Yay!

  3. Where in NorCal are you? What exactly is a swarm? I would love to get involved with these types of things! I am in the Sacramento area...

    Any info would be appreciated!