Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Of all of my "creations" this has to be the one that I am most proud of! This is our daughter, Brittany. It seems like just yesterday that we were bringing her home from the hospital and pacing the floors with her in the middle of the night. It is so hard for us to believe that 18 years have gone by, that she is driving, that she now has a job, that she has had a boyfriend for the past year and a half (this one is actually harder for her Dad), and that in just a few weeks she will be graduating from high school. Not only is she graduating but she is graduating at the top of her class. She made Valedictorian and will be giving a speech during graduation. We are so proud of her. During her entire high school years, she has never earned less than a "A" in any of her classes. Most of them being honors or AP classes. I can not express just how proud we are of the beautiful, smart and talented woman she has become.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! That is a gorgeous picture and then all of those accomplishments to boot!!!! Very impressive! Good luck in this exciting and emotional time!

  2. She's beautiful... she looks a lot like you! Her achievements are impressive - Congrats to you all.

  3. I LOVE THIS PIC OF BRITT!!! CONGRATS BRITT!!!!!!!!!!!! I know without a blog, webpage, or any writing how proud you are of Britt. It's hard to watch them grow up so fast, but what an amazing time it is while they are. I'll be going through this with Stephen year after next and I'm not looking forward to it..lol I know I'm going to be crying like a baby and I can care him already from where he's sitting telling me to hush lol

    You've got an amazing daughter on your hands, and another amazing daughter following in her footsteps! But that's not surprising since they've had two sets of awesome footprints to follow in!!!