Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I am not sure if anyone else out there in blogland has this same problem (I really don't think so as so many of the blogs I stalk have awesome pics on their posts) but I REALLY struggle to get good quality photos of my projects once they are completed. I have tried all sorts of light, different spots, and different settings on my camera, but it never fails to disappoint. I always have a glare, or a shadow, or the color is off.

Until now that is......look what hubby made for me....a light tent!! I am so excited. He found this tutorial on how to make an inexpensive light tent and whipped it right up for me. The total cost of the materials was right around $20. Cheap compared to what the light tents tend to go for...but better really does make a difference.

Here is the front view of my light tent.

The top and sides are covered with fabric.

This is a before pic of one of my cards prior to having the light tent. Lately I have been trying to take photos outside for better light.
Here is a photo of that same card taken using my light tent. A big difference...right? Yep hubby did good. :)


  1. Wow, hubby gets extra "man points" for the week, it came out great!

  2. I made one just like your several months ago and the difference in pictures is amazing! Your hubby did a fab job

  3. That looks great Deborah, but how does it work? Do you have a lamp inside the tent or do you just use the flash of your camera?? And where can I find the tutorial on how to make it? I'm strugling just as you were... Greetz, Frea

  4. Steak for that hubby!!! What a difference in the photos! AMAZING!!! So excited to get to work with you on Jeri's blog!

  5. What a massive difference. I used to have a problem with getting decent photos but have now worked out the best place in my room to take them. I always sit my card in a plate stand..yes i bought plate stands to use as card stands...£1 for 12 of them, was a bargain! Anyway i put a white or light coloured A4 piece of card on the stand behind the card and always seems ok. Will have to look into making a lightbox though!

    Look forward to working with you on the Craft us Crazy team!

    Lynne x

  6. Eekkk!! Tell you husband I LOVE him!! (eerr okay, I don't really love him but like him a whole lot!! LOL)

    I am going to have my hubby make one this weekend for me now!! Thanks so much for sharing.

    How did you do the lighting though?

    BTW - I have a little award for you on my blog today!!

  7. ooooo cookies for Scott!!! Tell Britt to get right on that!! Congrats on your new toy!

  8. what a wonderful man you have!! I think I may need to make myself one of these, hehehe